West Virginia Baptist Convention

Making Disciples in the Mountain State

Goshen Baptist Church is a member of the  regional/local Goshen Association which is in turn a member of the state West Virginia Baptist Convention (WVBC).  Goshen Baptist Church regularly meets with the other churches who are members of the local Goshen Association.  They work together to provide services and support to fellow churches and their memberships.  Similarly, there are over 20 other regional/local Baptist associations throughout West Virginia who work together to provide services and support to their own churches under the WVBC umbrella.  By working together for the WVBC the mission of the Convention as stated on their website “Our mission is to empower local churches to be Christ honoring communities of faith, and to help them fulfill their mission by enabling them to do together what they cannot do alone.” is fulfilled.

Goshen Baptist Church works closely with the WVBC in many Christian endeavors, some of which are listed below.  Please visit the West Virginia Baptist Convention website for additional information.

  • Camp Cowen.  For many years Goshen Baptist Church has been sending our youth to Baptist Camp at Cowen summer camp.  Multiple generations affirm that this camp helped shape some of them into the strong Christians they are today.  Many received Christ into their lives at Cowen.  Click here to hear what they say about Camp Cowen.
  • Parchment Valley.  Parchment Valley is the West Virginia Baptist Conference Center "Where Lives are Changed" John 3:16.  Many events are held throughout the year at this conference center in the beautiful Ohio Valley. Check out their website at Parchment Valley.
  • American Baptist Women's Ministries.  The women at Goshen Baptist Church are very active internally, locally and nationally.  They meet monthly year round and have many active mission and outreach projects.  We appreciate their tireless efforts to do for others. 
  • World Mission.
  • Baptist Campus Ministry.
  • Project Good Samaritan.
  • Weirton Christian Center.
  • One Great Hour of Sharing.
  • Love Gift.
  • Mountain State Missions