Officers of Goshen Baptist Church

It takes many people working together to make a church run smoothly.  Although the focus of Goshen Baptist Church is to ultimately point people toward an understanding of Jesus Christ and eternal salvation, it takes a strong staff to provide the facilities, atmosphere, encouragement and support needed for a congregation to grow and learn.

The congregation of Goshen Baptist Church, along with other churches, appoints officers to guide the overall direction of the church in much the same way as officers in for-profit businesses.  Officers are often the most experienced, resourceful and active members of a church congregation and must divide their time between the personal needs of church members and the administrative needs of the organization.

Board of Servants and Board of Trustees


Members of these boards are church officers.  Click here to view more information regarding these boards. 


The moderator calls and conducts all regular and special business meetings and the monthly Advisory Board meeting.  They may appoint committees as needed. The person in this position in a sense is the business leader of the church and a member of the Advisory Board.This is an elected position.  


The vice-moderator, also an elected officer, assists the Moderator and performs the duties of the Moderator when the Moderator is unavailable. The Vice-Moderator is a member of the Advisory Board.


The treasurer serves as the custodian of all monies contributed to the church. This person tracks all credits and debits for the General Fund and Sunday School and provides a monthly financial report to the church. They handle all deposits and disbursements as authorized by the church, the church's budget and/or trustees. They monitor the financial position of the church notifying the trustees if problems seem to be developing.  This is an elected position. The treasurer is a member of the Advisory Board.


The clerk keeps a correct, legible and permanent record of all transaction of all business meetings.  This is an elected position. The clerk is also responsible for maintaining records of members, baptisms, dedications and issuing/receiving transfer letters. Another duty of the clerk is to report information to the West Virginia Baptist Convention and County Clerk's office as needed. This is an elected position. The clerk is a member of the Advisory Board.