Where are we located?
For a map and printable directions please click here.
What is the normal dress attire for attending our services?
There are no formal or informal requirements for what to wear to Goshen. Sometimes you may feel like dressing up and other times you may feel like wearing blue jeans or shorts. We believe God cares more about you on the inside than your appearance on the outside.
 Is this the church that Stacy Groscup pastored for many years?
Yes. Stacy was our minister for 25 years. Those who attended our church during those years say every sermon was about love. To read more about Stacy please click here.
Is the congregation an older one or do you have young people?
We are proud to have a very large and very active youth program. We have activities for all ages including Wacky Wednesday activities. We have a senior oriented Bible Study on Monday mornings. Our Vacation Bible School includes classes and activities involving all ages.  Regardless of your age or the age of your family members and friends, you will find something at Goshen.
What materials do you use for Bible Study?
We use the greatest book in the world for Bible Study. The B-I-B-L­-E. What version do we use?  Our pew Bibles are the NIV but attendees usually bring their own Bibles which are of various versions.