I’m New

If you’ve never been to our church or any church before we want you to know what to expect when you come to our church.

Maybe you found this site on the Internet, someone mentioned our church to you or your children came home talking about other children who attended some of the wonderful youth activities or in another way. However you found us, we warmly welcome you to come and check us out.

Using the directions provided on this site, find your way to the church. If the parking lot looks full, please pull in and drive around to the large parking lot in the back of the church. Someone will greet you when you enter the building.

While it’s proper to be on time for scheduled services and meetings, we prefer you to come in late than not attend at all. Most services last about an hour or a little longer when special events such as a dedication or baptism are planned. If you need to leave early during a service everyone understands if you slip out. There is also a social time between the Early Service and Sunday School with coffee and cookies.

You can sit where you like. Although some of us have ‘preferred locations’ in the church we also enjoy moving around. It gives us an opportunity to spend worship time with other Goshen Baptists whom we love. Our pews and chairs are padded!

Please don’t worry about where you sit if you have a hearing problem as we have a new sound system that assures everyone can hear.

If you have children they can sit with you or join other children sitting throughout the church. During the second morning service a children’s church sermon is provided to children who go to the front of the church and then elementary kids have the option of going downstairs for activities or they can remain in the sanctuary with their parents. We have a nursery for bed babies and toddlers up to 2 years old just down the hall from the sanctuary.

The service normally consists of congregational singing, prayer, Bible reading, children’s sermon, choir and/or other special music and a sermon. There will be an offering and it is fine if you pass the offering plate on without putting anything in it. Many members contribute monthly so you won’t be the only one passing it on.

We have bathrooms upstairs and downstairs and they are handicapped accessible.

We hope this makes you feel welcome to attend our services but if you still have questions please contact our Pastor. He will answer your questions and give you a tour of the church if you wish.