Be Involved

Being involved helps you to further the kingdom of God and keeps you in touch with other Christians. Anything you do could make a real difference in someone’s life and will enrich your life immeasurably.

Be a leader.

Be a disciple.

Be a follower.

Be a servant.

Be a greeter.

Be an usher.

Lend a hand.

Help with the youth.

If you have a skill or talent, find where you can use it at the church.

Help clean the kitchen after an eating event.

Be the last to leave and make sure the lights are turned off and the doors are locked.

Arrive early to help shovel snow or ice off the sidewalks.

Assist in the kitchen.

Volunteer to make cookies.

Volunteer to be on a committee.

Direct traffic in the parking lot.

Join the choir.

Help with fundraising.

Invite other people to visit Goshen.

Participate in a social event.

Help those in need.

Join the church.

Don’t be a deadbeat.

Experience instead of spectating.

Minister to church members and others.

Help collect tithes.

Handout bulletins.

Work the audio-visual desk.

Help with the nursery.

Teach a Sunday School class.

Sing a song.

Write a skit.

Act in a skit.

Perform if you can play a musical instrument.

Serve on the board.

Provide feedback about church happenings.

Attend church business meetings and vote.

Attend an event.

Help serve at special dinners.

Help with grounds maintenance.

Start a new ministry at the church.

Help with the food bank.

Organize a retreat.

Volunteer to transport youth to a youth event.

Volunteer to transport someone who can’t drive to church.


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